ESP Controllers (5)

Discover all our ESP Controllers products by Desoutter Industrial Tools. Find the complete range of ESP Controllers products and contact Desoutter Industrial Tools for a quote or a demonstration.

Thumbnail Part number Model Net weight (kg) Voltage (AC) Voltage (DC)
ESP Controllers ESP1 6159326350 ESP1 0.5 100-240V Input 24-32V Output SLBN 003/010/012/020
ESP Controllers ESP1-HT 6159326370 ESP1-HT 1.8 100-240V Input 30-40V Ouput SLBN 030/050
ESP Controllers ESP1-LT 6159326340 ESP1-LT 0.5 100-240V Input 24-32V Output SLBN 001
ESP Controllers ESP1-HT PLUS 6159327070 ESP1-HT PLUS 1.6 100-240V Input 40 V Output SLBN 090/120
ESP Controllers ESP2-A 6159327080 ESP2-A 2.8 100-240V Input

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