Competitiveness is about more than productivity

Competitiveness is about more than productivity

Improving productivity is most of the time considered as the key to remain competitive. But as any experienced assembly plant manager will tell you, life is not that simple. Sure, you can turn out more products in less time: but if those products are costing you more to make, or the time and volume pressures lead to more defects and rework, then you gain no advantage over your competitors. 

From our extensive experience of automotive industry and similar automated assembly applications, we know that a ‘stop’ on the line is the last thing you need. Every minute of downtime eats away at your profitability. We know that stopping the line has a huge impact on cost and getting unsatisfied customers waiting for their products. 

We also know that cable management is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to fault-finding, and that complex cabling has adverse impacts on both available production space and operator safety. 

So, what if we told you that a new multi-spindle solution will be available soon that will radically reduce the incidence of expensive line stoppages, eradicate the need for cumbersome and complex cabling, and offer ‘right at the first time’ tightening using the now-familiar Desoutter Ecosystem and its CONNECT platform? 

Our new solution has been developed for high performance applications where multiple spindles are deployed simultaneously for tightening fasteners.  

And as you would expect from Desoutter, this new modular multi-spindle solution will be easy to integrate both physically and digitally into your existing assembly line. It will also deliver benefits around space-saving and simplified maintenance, boosting your flexibility through easy rebalancing and scalability. 

Developed using our considerable experience in Powertrain and multi-spindle projects, this ground-breaking new development will be soon available. So, do check back again for the big reveal! 


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