Multiple problems, one smart solution

Multiple problems, one smart solution

Picture this: a smart multi-spindle solution that achieves changeovers in less than 30 seconds, unaffected by environmental conditions at any torque level or takt time. A solution which delivers consistent tightening without the need for special training and has inbuilt pre-programmed corrective maintenance features scenarios.  

Let us introduce our latest game changing innovation: the new Desoutter MULTI, Modular Multi-spindle solution, for high performance, multi-spindle applications. Desoutter has developed the MULTI to help customers boost productivity while reducing downtime and total cost of ownership (TCO).  

Traditional multi-spindle equipment is cumbersome, comprising cabinets with complex installation requirements which take up time, resources and valuable production space. By contrast, the MULTI features a simplified design and requires fewer cables. In fact, it is light and compact enough to mount close to the point of assembly – for example on existing machinery or robot arms. All this makes the MULTI easier to integrate into production lines, boosting flexibility. 


Digital integration is just as simple because MULTI sits on the Desoutter CONNECT platform. A dashboard on the CONNECT smart hub gives continuous visual confirmation of the system status. The dashboard alerts the user to any issue arising and identifies what component (drive, cable, tool) is affected. This saves time searching for the source of an issue: simplifying maintenance and boosting uptime.  

It’s also easy to swap out different tools to match production demands, because the MULTI is equipped with plug & play components. It can manage up to 40 tools, synchronized or not. Digital modularity ensures the possibility to dispatched and managed the spindles on several Tightening units according to your applications. Combined with the fact that all the program intelligence is held in CONNECT, not the tool, this feature enables easy rebalancing within 30 seconds, with no need for manual re-programming or other intervention.  

For existing CONNECT users, there is no additional training cost either: and the quality and consistency of tightening results are assured. For total reliability, the MULTI is IP54 rated against particle and fluid ingress, and unaffected by heat, humidity, vibration and shock, whatever the torque level or tack time. 

Multiple pain points – one smart solution. Another way to take your factory to the next level. 


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