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Industry 4.0 applications


Final assembly

The automotive industry signals growing demand for process control to further improve the quality of production processes at the same time as reducing operating expenses. As an innovation driver, the industry is also implementing changes in the fields of automation, data interchange and production technologies.


Tiers assembly

Industry 4.0 promises automobile component suppliers significant effects. Key factors are reductions in system downtimes, improved productivity through automation and resource optimization and reduced maintenance expenses. Continuous recording and analysis of process data allows plant and system failures to be predicted, inefficient developments to be corrected and productivity to be improved.


Smart factories

With a production characterized by relatively small volumes, long cycle times, large components and high variability in the production processes, this industry offers specific challenges when it comes to the dissemination of smart tools and solutions. All major OEMs need to increase the overall process efficiency, limit quality costs and cycle times, and exclude human factors as a source of error.

General industry

Innovative, unique, high quality and cost effective products

This is achieved this by completely digitalizing the product development life cycle. This in turn allows to provide customers accurate traceability, quality control, and cost effective new products. The vast range of products are embedded with systems, sensors, and actuators that are all linked to one another via the internet.

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