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EXPERIENCE the future of Industry

August 31, 2022

The industrial environment is changing rapidly, and the fourth industrial revolution brings many CHALLENGES to all its participants.

Each of our customers has its own needs or challenges. We at Desoutter are bringing SOLUTIONS through our Ecosystem which is covering Quality and performance (Connected assets), Agile and secured production (Light Automation/Error Proofing), and Full process traceability (Process control), and Live process optimization (Data-driven solutions). Our innovations and experience are helping our customers boost their flexibility, uptime, and productivity in every step. Desoutter Ecosystem

Inside one room we have Connected solutions, assembly, and quality smart tools managed by CONNECT - Industrial Smart Hub, a NEXONAR positioning system crucial to achieving error-proofed production, a process control system PIVOTWARE to manage the whole flow without the need of PLC engineers, and, of course, data-driven solutions where data turns into valuable information via DEMETER.

Visit us in Bratislava, Slovakia, and EXPERIENCE the future of the industry with Desoutter Eastern Europe.

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