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Part of Desoutter product portfolio, Setitec offers best-in classe performance, quality and reliability for the most demanding drilling applications. SETITEC solutions have already been adopted by all major Aircraft manufacturers worldwide.

to highly demanding drilling, reaming, countersinking applications, where quality, precision and repeatability are critical. Its innovative design make one step drilling, reaming, countersinking possible, and will help driving down your cycle time. Its design based on modularity concept and the wide variety of clamping options


From cascade to one shot drilling

Remove tedious cascade drilling operations


Quality at core

Optimize drilling parameters for each hole type Speed, feed, lubrication clamping force are setup and constant from hole 1 to the end



Light & flexible solution. Throw more operators with tools on bottleneck applications.

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Electric range of semi-automatic drilling operations

EVO is a fully modular range of electric drilling tools and comprises two main options. The Modular EVO can cover a wide range of drilling applications from small to large holes and from CFRP to Titanium. The Light EVO is designed for repetitive drilling operations involving smaller holes in single material applications.

Here are the main objectifs when it comes to drilling

  • Cycle time optimization

  • Perfect & constant quality

  • Real time monitoring

  • Automatic entry point detection

  • Optimized cost per hole

SETITEC éVo range

Customize your EDU

Getting the right automatic drilling unit is crucial in the aerospace manufacturing.

Pneumatic Semi-automatic drilling operations for aeronautics assembly equipments

The Setitec pneumatic Automated Drilling Unit (ADU), with its modular design and versatile clamping options, meets a wide range of application requirements.

Here are the main objectifs when it comes to pneumatic drilling

  • Excellent power weight ratio

  • Excellent in critical drilling, reaming and countersinking tasks

  • Modular design for a wide range of application requirements

  • Versatile equipment

ADU - Features and benefits

Customize your ADU

Getting the right automatic drilling unit is crucial in the aerospace manufacturing.

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Electric Advanced Drilling Unit (EDU)


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