Desoutter Industrial Tools History

Desoutter Industrial Tools History

To become the world leader in assembly solutions it is today, the Desoutter brand has combined many skills and expertise. Founded in 1914, Desoutter limited is the specialist in pneumatic screwdrivers, drills and Auto feed drills. In France, Georges Renault was founded in 1918, specializing in electric power tools, fastening systems and material removal tools. Techmotive tools was then founded in 1977 in the USA, manufacturing intelligent DC tools and assembly systems. Next comes Scan Rotor, founded in 1977, who focuses on products for bolted joint applications. SETITEC Line, founded in 2005 is specializing in Advanced Drilling ADU solutions for the aerospace industry.

Desoutter Origins

There were five Desoutters, all brothers and all passionate aviators...

History of an innovative brand

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History of an innovative brand

They recommend Desoutter

Our customers and partners say it best...


Airbus is an aircraft manufacturing division of the Airbus group (formerly European aeronautic defense and space company). Based in France, the company produced 626 airliners in 2013. It is also known for producing and marketing the first commercially viable fly-by wire airliner, the Airbus a320, and the world’s largest passenger airliner, the a380.

Baptiste Bertrand - Responsible and focal point for fastening process within methods assembly department

I am responsible for and the focal point for fastening processes within the methods assembly department for Airbus Nantes (France).

Historically, we began our collaboration with Georges Renault with the integration of drilling equipment. After that we have integrated the first electric nutrunners with the A350 program.

We have a great responsibility towards passengers, due to the nature of our business, and it is our duty to be very demanding in order to manufacture safe aircraft.

Desoutter have evolved along with our needs, and that is why our company continues to use Desoutter tools every day, including surface preparation (grinders, drills, etc..) and assembly operations (temporary or final fasteners).


The motorcycle manufacturer Aprilia is the Piaggio group’s front-runner in sports competitions.

Agostino Masiero - Technologies Manager

Aprila is a worldwide brand, with cutting-edge engine technology. We base our development and our leading position in the motorcycle market on productivity, reliability and innovation, with continuous investment in R&D.

In 2010, we decided that we needed to track tightening results, especially in fastening brakes, wheels and steering. With the CVI3 and electric tools such as CVIC II , MC and EAD , Desoutter brought us solutions adapted to our needs. Moreover, customization has been provided for sockets and software.

Aprilia is now extremely satisfied with the performance of Desoutter tools and its way of providing solutions, and today Desoutter is the supplier to the entire Piaggio group.

In my opinion, Desoutter has been appreciated for three fundamental factors: the proficiency and productivity of the technical and the service team, quality of technology and an excellent quality/price ratio.


Caterpillar is the world’s leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, industrial gas turbines and diesel-electric locomotives.

Gary Joslyn - Manufacturing Project Engineer

Caterpillar was seeking global tool suppliers capable of offering a turnkey solution and provide global coverage to all Caterpillar plants. Accordingly, Desoutter organized a comprehensive portfolio demonstration within the Caterpillar headquarters to show us the capabilities of its product line. Since this first meeting, Caterpillar has been looking to Desoutter as a viable global tooling option!

I am of the opinion that the Desoutter team offers a broad range of aids to decision-making strengths, including sound product knowledge, stellar communication skills, a strong team commitment and the unfailing willingness to go that extra mile.

They are of enormous help with the optimization of our production process. Our company ensures that we adhere to strict quality metrics for the critical joints we assemble, and Desoutter tools fit perfectly, using the appropriate amount of technology at an equitable price.


Founded in 1862 and regarded as the pioneer of china’s modern industry, Changan automobile is a renowned automotive manufacturer with nearly 50,000 employees. Its production is primarily composed of passenger cars and microwaves, small trucks and vans for commercial use.

Gui Cheng Sheng - Chief Engineer of Engine Final Assembly of Changan Technical Department

In 2009, the company decided to replace some outdated tools with advanced ones to enhance assembly quality.

The company wants to reduce the possibility of operators making mistakes through using equipment to ensure the exact tightening torque. Because the tightening parameters are retrievable, they can serve as the scientific basis for quality improvement and the development of management measures.

Desoutter’s integrated solution is complete and it contains some aspects we had not even considered, and some very practical suggestions with an attractive price quotation.

In addition to the optimization of our production process, Desoutter helps us improve the working environment by reducing noise and making the operation much easier by using ergonomic tools.

In addition to the tools, we are also very satisfied with Desoutter’s services, for example, Desoutter has held several technical seminars on which its experts have exchanged technical issues with us and also provided our team members with professional trainings on tightening technologies.


The commercial aircraft corporation of china (Comac) is a state-owned company, recognized as the leading manufacturer of large passenger aircraft in china. It is also mandated with the overall planning for development of trunk liner and regional jet programs and the industrialization of civil aircraft in china. Commerce is engaged in the research, manufacture and flight tests of civil aircraft and related products, as well as the marketing, servicing, leasing and operations of civil aircraft.

Han Jianbing - Vice Director of Final Assembly

We counted on Desoutter’s lighter-weight tools with powerful holding capacity to reduce the labor intensity of the workers on site and improve the product quality. They provided us with a set of customized solutions perfectly adapted to our applications, which won the praise of all the field workers.

This helped us to reduce process time, speed up the pace of production and improve product quality with lower labor intensity.

Desoutter is prompt, effective and reliable for all of its tools, solutions and service. With their extensive experience and industrial know-how in the aerospace industry, Desoutter has made us believe it is a trustworthy partner!


Dacia is the Romanian subsidiary of the French carmaker Renault. The company is Romania’s largest exporter from Romania and Europe’s fifth biggest car manufacturer in terms of volume produced.

Florian Georgescu - Leader line for H4xx engine assembly line

Our company has been working with Desoutter for 14 years, since the first Renault project was implemented at Dacia. The objective was to constantly improve the quality of existing products and integrate new products in accordance with Renault’s quality standards.

I am now head of the assembly team for engine Hxx, and the majority of operations involve tightening processes. We exclusively use Desoutter’s systems, because they fully meet our expectations regarding capability, endurance, productivity and innovative tailor-made solutions, with full traceability of tightening results, ensuring total product quality.

I am convinced that Desoutter’s major strengths lie in its user-friendly software interface, reliability and product diversity. We know that the ongoing technical evolution of Desoutter’s tightening systems always ensures that they meet the latest demander of the industry.


Delphi-tvs is a joint venture between the Delphi Corporation (USA) and TV Sundaram Iyengar & Sons (India) manufacturing diesel fuel injection equipment for cars, sports, utility and multi-utility vehicles, light commercial vehicles, tractors, single- and two cylinder engines.

A Srinivas Rao - Assistant General Manager - PED

We started importing our first air tools from the UK 23 years ago, in 1991. From the very outset, Desoutter provided excellent local support, good spare parts availability and good service support, all of which eventually resulted in a reliable partnership as time went on.

Since then, the products have undergone numerous developments and we are very satisfied with the new models proposed by Desoutter: we never have the control failures that occurred in the past.

Everything is done to safeguard the customer, perfectly in line with the values we promote.

We also appreciate the fact that there are no limitations with the new generation tools, which gives us real flexibility as regards automation. We are able to adapt our production processes as our objectives change.


Electrolux is a global leader in home appliances offering thoughtfully designed and innovative solutions for households and businesses. Electrolux in Italy has important production units with five plants, producing for the professional and household appliance market.

Emanuele Quarin - Porcia Plant Manager responsive

Electrolux began its collaboration with Desoutter in 1980, a relationship which was to become increasingly stronger with time, with the Porcia plant committed to continuous improvement and Desoutter continuing to come up with improved tightening and ergonomic solutions.

We have found in Desoutter a partner that accepts challenges, starting from 1991 when the first automation project took place. We have sometimes considered the possibility of working with other companies but in the end, the decision has always been to stay with Desoutter because we’re sure of their support in finding the best solution.

I would like to emphasize Desoutter’s proactivity in collaborating to find the best way of working. I really did appreciate it when, in 2010, Desoutter worked with us in the switching from pneumatic tools to electric ones in order to meet quality standards and achieve energy saving inputs.

The fact that Desoutter is now celebrating its centenary means that the company has a great past record whilst continuing to innovate, a combination of experience and innovation!


Embraer S.A. Is a Brazilian aerospace conglomerate that produces commercial, military, executive and agricultural aircraft, and provides aeronautical services. It is also the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial jets with up to 120 seats, and one of Brazil’s leading exporters.

Emílio Delfino de Souza Neto - Tools Specialist & Carlos Alberto Anderson - Process Development Engineer

We were looking for brands that offered superior technology for our increasingly complex assembly process, requiring total accuracy in aircraft structural manufacturing. We were also looking for better ergonomic conditions for our operators. This was the beginning of the Embraer and Desoutter relationship 25 years ago, designed to increase productivity and improve ergonomic conditions.

We know that Desoutter is always looking for new technologies that can help our business.

Moreover, recognizing that the aerospace industry needs customized products and more and more specialization, we can be confident that Desoutter is always there to meet this need for example, the acquisition of SETITEC, which provides solutions focused specifically on our segment.

If today Desoutter is celebrating its one-hundredth anniversary, we believe it is because Desoutter is a strong, ethical company with an expertise in its business field that responds to the needs of the market!


Faurecia is a french group engaged in the engineering and production of automotive equipment. The company develops, manufactures and markets equipment for automakers’ seats, interior systems, emission control technologies and automotive exteriors.

François Coulon - Fastening Expert

In 1999, as our most recent customer was requesting their suppliers to place a special focus on quality, We started to replace pneumatic tools with electric solutions from Desoutter, so as to control both the angle and torque of each tightening.

Personally, I really like Desoutter’s spirit of co-development. They always listen to our specific needs and work with us to work out tailor-made solutions.

The fact they have a worldwide presence is also of significant benefit for us. For example in Russia, the local support from the Desoutter team allowed us to launch our new production line very quickly, which enabled us to achieve considerable savings.

In addition, I must emphasise the efficiency of the collaborative platform, my Desoutter Cloud, which helps us facilitate sharing of our strategies and our assembly best practices, between the Desoutter and the Faurecia teams worldwide.


General motors is an American multinational corporation that designs, manufactures, markets and distributes vehicles and vehicle parts. The group produces its vehicles in 37 countries under 10 different brands. In south Africa, general motors assembles, for example, Chevrolet utility, the entry-level Chevrolet spark, Isuzu light commercial vehicles and Isuzu trucks.

Graham Bell - Technical Lead

Our relationship with Desoutter started with the opening of the Opel Corsa Plant in 1996. At this time, the decision to work with Desoutter rather than another company was motivated by its local service provider, knowledge of the local agent and the very competitive project cost.

I remember that Desoutter had the best presentation and product knowledge compared to all the other competitors.

Our company’s goals were for supply and installation, on time and assured quality and reliability: looking back, I can say the technical support that was offered far exceeded my expectations !

We are always open to new challenges and projects, and Desoutter helps our business to move in that direction with perpetual innovations. Desoutter is now celebrating its centenary, and it meets the challenge of a global business, with highly specialized expertise in very specific segments!


Hella is a leading company producing headlamps, rear lamps and fog lamps for the automotive industry, with its own sales companies and partners in more than 100 countries, including Mexico. Thus Hella supplies the automotive aftermarket and garages with comprehensive and continually growing parts and ranges in the core areas of lighting, electrical, electronics and thermal management.

Engineering Manager

10 years ago, we began to use CVIS from Desoutter, in order to improve quality control on critical plastic joints. At this time, we did a benchmark test to compare technical features, set up parameters, local service & support, tool availability and Desoutter matched all our expectations.

The excellent results encouraged us to continue our collaboration for our specific production needs, and Desoutter has become a worldwide supplier to our brand.

These tools are excellent for our current assembly process, and we particularly appreciate their durability: we have tools with more than 3 million cycles with no problems as well as easy to set up and user-friendly software.

Over and above performance, we always need to have greater understanding of torque strategies and tightening processes, and to have more technical information with the help of Desoutter, in order to be increasingly competitive.


Hella Autotechnik Nova is a leading company producing headlamps, rear lamps and fog lamps for the automotive industry.

Karel Volcik - Assembly technologies manager

Cooperation with Desoutter began in 2007. At this time, we were seeking advanced technologies to improve our production processes, especially solutions in regard to the use of multiple torque cycles and programmable tightening techniques.

Desoutter proposed innovative systems tailored to our business and helped us to achieve our objectives!

From the outset we were impressed not only by various aspects such as robustness, endurance, and durability with low maintenance, but also by the precision and very high level of capability.

The Desoutter technical support team then helped us to optimize current tightening techniques and provided us with the latest tightening technology. We are now able to monitor specific results on every tightening joint. We also have visibility of all the parameters governing the joints and this helps us maintain conformity during assembly.

With Desoutter solutions, we are now confident that we can achieve the required parameters and ensure 100% quality in our production processes.


Hero motocorp ltd is an Indian motorcycle and scooter manufacturer based in New Delhi and the number one two-wheeler manufacturer in the world. The company’s mission is to become a global enterprise fulfilling its customers’ needs and aspirations for mobility, and setting benchmarks in technology, styling and quality.

AK Taneja - General Manager - Production Engineering

Our company grew very quickly with production increasing fivefold, from 2000 bikes per plant per day, we now produce to over 9000. We started working with Desoutter to handle this growth without losing sight of our main objective: a zero complaint record in the field!

After 10 years of a win-win relationship, we may unhesitatingly say that product performance is excellent, with world-class quality bikes for our brand. The result: zero customer complaints and an outstanding safety record.

The Desoutter team is highly specialized and motivated they treat us as prime customers. They maintain our satisfaction by offering new solutions and customized services, always delivered in good time.

All best wishes to the entire Desoutter Team, wish you further growth and celebrate in a big way!


Under the management of the Indian ministry of defence, this state-owned company is mainly involved in the aerospace industry, which includes manufacturing and assembling aircraft, aviation and related communications equipment, as well as operating airports.

Rakesh Kumar Mishra - Deputy GM- IJT Assembly

Our collaboration with Desoutter began in 1989. At that time, our old divisions were not aware of new existing tools on the market. The Desoutter team made some 10 to 15 presentations they visited us at least once a month and organized technical sessions to train our technicians. After numerous feedback sessions, they offered us tailor-made and realistic solutions to help us update with high technology products! We still feel the benefit of their involvement today as we developed a real partnership the Desoutter team keeps in constant touch with us.

D. Rajasekaran - Deputy General Manager, Aircraft Division

And tool durability is impressive: we are still using the 30-year-old tools for some production lines!

Desoutter always goes beyond the initial request to propose alternative solutions which are always very relevant. In that way, they help us optimize our production process for our structural and assembly requirement.

May Desoutter continue to develop as they do until their 200-year anniversary and continue to support us as well!


Irkutsk Aviation Plant is part of the Irkut Corporation, best known as the manufacturer of Sukhoi aircraft. The company designs, builds, deploys and supports top-of-the-line aircraft, offering a highly diversified product portfolio, including the Yak-130 combat training aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles and components for Airbus passenger airliners.

Georgi Polyakov - Deputy head of preproduction

When we started working on the components for the Airbus A320 program, our international partners recommended that we consider the tools of the English-French brand Desoutter. We were looking for equipment that would provide maximum reliability and productivity with minimal rejected products, and I can safely say that Desoutter tools met our expectations in full.

We also worked with Desoutter on the MS-21 project, a medium-range passenger aircraft using advanced technology. The MS-21 production process and quality are very high and require high-technology assembly equipment. It turned out to be impossible to drill holes of the required quality without special tools such as autofeed drills.

Desoutter was the only manufacturer able to provide a solution which achieved the required final result.

Additionally I would like to praise the high level of expertise of the Desoutter specialists, who provided us with expert assistance in equipment selection. We have not only achieved the required quality but have also cut assembly time and significantly reduced the production cost per hole drilled.


John Deere is one of the largest manufacturers of agricultural machinery in the world. John Deere Iberica developed its business around the manufacture of tractors and is now the specialist in high-tech quality components and quality products for agricultural, construction and green space machinery.

Carlos Miguel Hernanz Torres - Manufacturing Engineer

Our collaboration with Desoutter began during the process of continuous improvement of our quality standards and the wish to introduce the latest tightening technologies.

Continuous improvement, not only from a quality perspective, but also a proactive approach towards leaner and better productivity: in this context, Desoutter brought us tailormade solutions.

This is a joint-venture we joined our strengths in order to meet our challenging objectives, different every time.

Desoutter tightening solutions are used not only for production, but also to achieve better product quality. We have learned so much and today we have our own tightening standard.

In addition to our products, we are particularly pleased with customer training, which helps in bringing forward new solutions.


Jaguar Land Rover is the UK’s largest automotive manufacturing business. Its principal activity is the design, development, manufacture and sale of vehicles bearing the jaguar and land rover brands. For the record, the jaguar was originally made motorcycle sidecars before developing passenger cars and land rover is proud to be the second oldest four-wheel-drive car brand in the world.

Richard Isaac - Principal Engineer SUV - Advanced Manufacturing Engineering

Jaguar Land Rover has used Desoutter’s DC tools since 1985, but personally, my collaboration with Desoutter began in 1998, when we introduced the New Range Rover at Solihull. The company’s goals were to deliver to the market the best 4x4 off-road luxury vehicle made to the best quality, and to achieve exceptional customer satisfaction.

Desoutter solutions enabled us to build to quality, with full traceability and to the correct takt time. The systems provided are very flexible, enabling processes to be easily moved from one controller to another and this enables us to rebalance build sequences.

Desoutter has a diversity of worldwide knowledge of automotive manufacturers and listen to our needs. They work very closely with us and this create a strong partnership.

Today, Desoutter is a successful company that has managed to stay ahead of its competitors even with the economic challenges the world has encountered over the past few years.


Mahindra & Mahidra was founded in 1945 as a steel trading company. Over the years, the company diversified into many new businesses, spanning all the key industries of a modern economy: aerospace, agribusiness, automotive, components, defence, energy, farm equipment, finance and insurance, information technology, logistics, two–wheelers, among others.

MBS Tuli - VP Central Manufacturing Engineering

Desoutter was firstly required to give us tractors with no oil leakage, workforce comfort with no fatigue while assembling the tractors and good ergonomic tools. They managed to achieve all these objectives together with the elimination of NVAs ( Non Value added Activities).

For us, Desoutter is a preferred business partner: they support us with their alternative thinking and their team has even performed R&D for us, despite the fact this temporarily meant a business loss for them.

They gave 400 of our employees the benefit of their technology in a superbly professional classroom, managed by a highly specialized team. In one of our plants, we even celebrated a “Tech day”: information and training on new technology from Desoutter is imparted to our team.

Today, thanks to Desoutter, our spares requirement has decreased and our operators work more effectively.


Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen is a world leader in power engineering with a core business in the regulation of power transformers (with tape changers). It operates in every area that deals with the flow of energy, and today, over 50% of global electricity flows through their products.

Christian Sauerer - Assembly planning

We began working with Desoutter in 2009, because of their range of products and the high degree of flexibility.

The great challenge of working with these new systems was firstly to create the right programme for each screw and to define the right strategy and secondly, to design in collaboration with Desoutter tailor-made solutions for the many screw positions that are not accessible to the classical screw systems.

Finally, Desoutter tools bring us an increase in labour quality, reproducible results and a reduction in investments for quality. Furthermore, the number of tools per workplace, noise and assembly time have been reduced and the analysis of our tightening results largely confirm our effort.

In addition to the products, we have an effective service contract enabling us to achieve short response times and obtain the right solutions.


Maserati is an Italian luxury car manufacturer, which has played a consistently important role in the history of sports car development and culture.

Giovanni Torraca - PIM (Process Improvement Manager) of Grugliasco Plant

Maserati has now been working with Desoutter for three years.

This collaboration was borne from the need to rapidly establish an assembly line meeting the same standards and traceability results obtained in Serbia.

We were pretty sure that, once installed, Desoutter products (CVI3 range and Multi CVIL) would match our in-house systems.

Desoutter was able to meet our needs and respect the required quality standards (...).

It played a key role in providing solutions, especially during the startup of the Quattroport prototype, and was also able to develop a communication protocol that provided full traceability of tightening results.

I was surprised to learn that Desoutter is celebrating its one hundred year anniversary: the brand has really moved with the times, especially for the automotive market, which is not an easy one!


PSA Peugeot Citroën is a french multinational manufacturer of automobiles and motorcycles, sold under the Peugeot and Citroën brands. PSA’s recent strategy is to produce close to its end markets, with international growth confirmed by increasing unit sales in china, in Latin America and in the rest of the world.

Bernard Verdu - Tightening Methods Manager

Our company was seeking a French partner able to fulfil our immediate needs in terms of reliability and lead times, whilst committing to a real technological development partnership for designing solutions to meet our future requirements.

Beyond the fact that the solutions provided always meet our expectations, this partnership also works because Desoutter is entirely committed to our industry, to which it brings highly specialized expertise.

Today, Desoutter is celebrating 100 years of innovation and I have to say that the PSA Group is proud to have contributed to this longevity: our partnership philosophy has continued in the same way as the mindset of the Desoutter teams, despite a difficult economic environment.


Renault is a french multinational vehicle manufacturer. The company produces a range of cars and vans, and, in the past, trucks, tractors, tanks, coaches and autorail vehicles.

Michel Huzé - Corporate Powertrain Tightening Technical Leader

We were seeking alternative solutions to those we had at that time, which were polluting the air because of the abundant use of oil, and harmful due to the high noise level suffered by the operators. We also wanted to simplify maintenance operations and develop products that enabled the screw to interact with the digital controls of the production line.

Desoutter enabled us to upgrade our systems, with the standardization of means and methods in our various plants.

At that time, the brand name was Georges Renault, and we were very satisfied with the proficiency and availability of the team we were dealing with. This is why we continue to work together.

As of today, Desoutter products are used not only on all our mechanical production lines but also for the upstream phases of prototypes.

If I were recommending Desoutter to another company, I would emphasize the quality and usability of the products, easy programming, flexibility and the modular maintenance concept.


Renault Samsung is a South Korean automotive manufacturer. First established as samsung motors, it has been a subsidiary of Renault since 2000.

Dongyoung Kim - Process engineer

When our company was developing a diesel dual clutch transmission of low displacement volume for the SM5 export model, we purchased crowfoot tools for docking between engine and transmission. We were seeking a company which could respond to our needs right from the launch of our new project and Desoutter met all our needs.

We first developed a new concept tool but the application failed. Even though the purchase order was late, Desoutter supplied a sample tool when needed as well as the support needed to meet the schedule for mass production. They always gave us a quick response and solution.

Desoutter tools are easy to use and have consistency in quality, we are highly satisfied.

Today, we see Desoutter as a partner and solution provider, not just as a supplier which is content just to sell its products.


Tata motors limited is India’s largest automobile company. It is the leader in commercial vehicles in each segment and among the top company in passenger vehicles, midsize car and utility vehicle segments. It is also the world’s fifth largest truck manufacturer and fourth largest bus manufacturer.

Kamaljeet Singh - Manager - Auto Project Department

Tata Motors Ltd has been working with Desoutter for 15 years.

We were searching for advanced technologies with robustness, endurance and durability with low maintenance, but also with precision and a very high level of capability, and solutions that fully met our requirements.

We particularly appreciate having support from local dealers and sales engineers, which allows us to enjoy fast and effective response times.

Desoutter always delivers products on time, sometimes even ahead of the agreed lead time!

In my view, Desoutter has been particularly appreciated for three fundamental qualities: the proficiency and productivity of the technical and the service teams, the high quality of its technology, and an excellent quality/price ratio.


Toyota auto body Co., Ltd. Is a manufacturer of minivans, SUVs, commercial vehicles and specially equipped vehicles within the Toyota group. The company is also working to develop the production of compact electric vehicles that will expand the possibilities of next-generation personal mobility.

Takehiro Kozaki - Group Manager

In 2010, we were looking for alternative nutrunner solutions. Considering cost, performance, multiple features and technical capabilities we started working with Desoutter tools.

Now, Toyota Auto Body has replaced 10% of air-powered tools with the Desoutter EB tool in the mother plant and has been extending the installation to two other major plants.

To describe Desoutter’s strengths, I would use the Japanese expression choudo ii, this means getting things just right, which includes affordability, usability and a level of quality that cannot be achieved without full specifications.

Toyota Auto Body now considers Desoutter’s contribution as a “Just Right” technology partner. Please continue with this new product development for an ongoing high-level performance!


The Volvo group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of trucks, buses, construction equipment and drive systems for marine and industrial applications. Volvo group trucks technology is the main place for the group’s technical developments, with all research, engine development and most of the purchasing for the entire Volvo group.

Kunjan Tokekar - Manager - Manufacturing Engineering

When Volvo began working with Desoutter in the early 2000’s, its goal was the same as today: to be a world class leading manufacturer of 11, 13 and 16 litre diesel engines and automated manual transmissions. Our total commitment to quality underpins everything we do in respect of our people, products and processes.

We were looking for a tooling company that shared that same vision, and that we knew had a solid track record of performance, service and support in our demanding industry.

From the beginning, Desoutter personnel took the time to understand and discuss our needs, concerns and concepts, so that the solutions did fit our business model and our manufacturing and assembly needs.

Desoutter also provides a high level of service and support that ensures confidence, leading to a more effective and efficient work environment and production. Recently, they even assisted us in many IT/Software and tool troubleshooting and brainstorming exercises over a 3 day period.


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