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We assist customers by optimizing manufacturing processes and providing innovative assembly solutions for industries such as medical devices, electronics and appliances, eVehicles, energy, and off-road machinery. Our industrial solutions contribute to the efficiency of the most intricate industry applications.

For product assembly areas, we offer:

  • Perfect assembly according to specifications

  • Zero-defect strategy to achieve 0 PPM

  • Rigid quality checks to avoid callbacks

  • Performance boost to achieve cost reduction targets

  • Realtime production data for continuous improvement

  • Seamless traceability to defend against legal claims


Robust mounting solutions are essential for heavy equipment. We specialize in providing the off-road equipment industries with custom-made fasteners and assembly systems that meet the rigorous requirements of large, high-output machines. Our comprehensive range includes high-torque tightening tools, tailor-made support solutions and process control software.

Medical Devices

As a leading manufacturer in tightening, drilling tools, and process control, we understand the critical role fasteners play in medical equipment. Our solutions, including threaded inserts, wire screw-thread inserts, blind rivets, self-locking thread systems, and engineered fastening solutions, ensure optimal performance and reliability for medical furniture and equipment.


We cater to the diverse needs of power and energy providers worldwide. Our scope includes a large range of tightening and torque tools. We understand the importance of innovation in these products for solar installation and clean energy production. At Desoutter, we're dedicated to providing top-notch solutions that drive efficiency and sustainability in the industry.

Electronics & Appliances

Our range of fastening solutions offer a highly efficient way to speed up assembly production and ensure perfect tightening quality and error protection for all assembly processes.


While efficient tightening tools are essential for eVehicles such as electric bikes and motorbikes, the importance of insulated tools cannot be overstated. We prioritize safety in electric-powered transportation by providing a selection of insulated tools specifically designed to prevent electric shock and ensure reliable assembly and maintenance of eVehicles.

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