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Factory Automation

Building perfect synergy between a robot and multiple assets can be challenging in many ways, throughout the installation, operation and maintenance of a production line.

Our ecosystem provides a wide range of solutions adapted to fully automated stations. We design flexible automation solutions from our customers’ point of view to help them always be a step ahead in all areas.

Build your success

  • Make it easy to set and produce for significant energy and time saving.

  • Keep the ownership of your automated station and reach the production targets at all time.

  • Scale it up to your ambitions. Add, move or modify solutions to meet you needs.

Our idea of flexible automation


Bring it down to simple assets for the best results


Need less skills to handle high technology


Always be in line with fast changing markets


Master all your production operations from bolt picking to quality control

End of Arms Tools

Tightening tools and robots make the perfect match

We ensure that all our tools can be easily integrated to stations with robots for all configurations. Whether in fixed single, multiple or with the use of a tool changer, our customized tool holders make it as simple as clamping and plugging within minutes.

Screw Feeding

Automate your screw-handling process effortlessly

Introducing RAPID, our advanced automated screw-feeding system. Seamlessly integrate RAPID into your assembly line to streamline operations, ensure precise screw delivery, and boost productivity.

Socket & Bit Tray

Taking on multiple applications with one only tool

The socket and bit tray allows picking and releasing sockets and bits with no actuators. The supporting stands will always remain aligned with the tool once the station is set, with limited risks of dropping. The presence of the sockets and bits in the sensor-equipped stands can be monitored by the orchestrator.

Solutions for Aerospace automation

Light automatic solutions

From temporary fastener installation to riveting and more, our solutions can be fully customized to suit specific requirements.

End of Arm Tooling for Automated Tightening Production Lines

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