To assemble

Solutions for Right First Time Assembly

Industrial assembly is a crucial process in mass production in the manufacturing industry.

To assemble correctly the first time, it is important to choose the tightening solutions that are suitable for your specific needs.

At Desoutter, we offer standard, quality critical, and safety critial tightening solutions to meet the needs of our customers. We understand the challenges that companies face when it comes to assembling complex products, and we have developed solutions to help simplify the assembly process and guarantee the quality of the final product.

General quality problems within the assembly industry

  • Missing screws
    Stripped screws / cross threads

  • Wrong torque

  • Wrong torque

  • Too early shut-off/Rehit

  • Missed rework

  • Improve productivity

Assembly industries face a large variety of challenges.

  • Crossed threads

  • Wrong torque

  • Missing or wrong screws

  • Bad sequence

  • Missed rework

  • Improve productivity

General quality problems within the assembly industry

From Specified Quality

  • Missing screws

  • Stripped screws / cross threads

  • Wrong torque

  • Too early shut-off/Rehit

  • Wrong / forgotten parts

To Delivered Quality

  • Bad repeatability

  • Missed rework

  • No Data traceability

  • Bad cycle / sequence

  • Wrong position

Synchronized assembly

Solution for multi-spindle applications

Are you are looking for optimize your workspace and improve their productivity ?

The modular solution can control up to 40 tools, synchronized or not, and is ideal for small spaces and optimized cable management.This solution is designed for multi-spindle applications and is ideal for harsh environments. It is also shock and vibration resistant. It can be installed on mobile parts and is easy to maintain. It is also easy to integrate into your factory.

Why Desoutter synchronized assembly

  • No stop on the line : Designed for high duty cycle time at a high speed, it allows you for the highest productivity. Fast maintenance for easy identifucation of root cause and station restart in less in 30 seconds.

  • Space-Optimized Design : From a footprint reduced up to 60% less and less length of cables required, the solution is saving floor space.

  • Future-Proof Integration : Integrated in an evolving platform, there is a full traceability and access to data analytics.

Discover the MULTI

Solution for feeding applications

Zero missing screws and no more lost screws/nuts with our automatic or handheld feeding solution Rapid.

Ensure precise screw delivery and boost flexibility,reduce repetitive and manual operations, avoid missing or bad screws and insure a reliable productivity.

Compatible with all Desoutter standard screwdrivers and fixtured spindles, we offer auto-feeding and pick & place types of tightening module

Why Desoutter for feeding solution applications ?

  • Efficient : Improve takt time, achieve higher repeatability, gain an increased automation level.

  • Reliable : Ensures precise screw delivery, avoid dropping screws inside the product, prevent operators using wrong fasteners.

  • Tailor made to your application : Every feeding system is specifically designed to adapt to different applications.

Discover Rapid, our automatic screw feeder

Get what you really need with the Industrial Smart Hub

Accelerate your transformation with Industrial Smart Hub and reduce the total cost of ownership with a single point of connection for communications between factory network and up to 20 cordless tools

The platform simplifies the installation for easier line rebalancing and manages all assets, actions and information related to your assembly line activities

Why Desoutter Industrial Smart Hub

  • Flexibility : Multi-cordless tool solution with a single connection to plant system, compatible with all Desoutter wireless communication tools

  • Quality Assured : Full error proofing solution with data full traceability and integrity

  • Scalable for maximum productivity : With feature management, you can finetune each tightening unit according to the requirements for each workstation, easily implement new features in your production line to meet your future challenges

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