Unleash the power of process control

Pivotware to guarantee an error-proof action

Live the zero-defect strategy

Empower your people to reach production targets and eliminate rework, all whilst working autonomously with Pivotware 

  • Quality : Keep quality your priority thanks to a step-by-step process with a validation of all interconnected tools.

  • Operator guidance : Guide the operator at the station with on-screen step-by-step instructions, including indicators positioning to eliminate errors.

  • Easy to use : Easily adapt your production process in-house with graphical methods, such as drag and drop, and scale it thanks to multiple options available

How to guide the operator with Pivotware ?

Key facts about Pivotware


From 1 station to a complete line


Easy configuration


Add more tools, features and stations as you like

Island based architecture

Secure production against disruptions and network failures.

Easily adapt your production process!

Controlled by you, at any time, within seconds!
  • Manage your production steps in-house by using a very simple drag and drop method. There is zero need for a Desoutter engineer to carry out your change request, Pivotware is a no code solution.
  • Easily manage production variants, create and rebalance your process according to your assembly line.
  • Quicker change, faster to production targets, and less cost.

Monitor your quality

Every single action is trackable, recorded and visible
  • Full station traceability with a report to know who, what, when and how the data is captured
  • Possibility to store data at the station and in server level to allow continuous production
  • Full product history to generate a bitrh certificate"

Interconnect your assembly equipments

Pivotware offers a variety of interfaces. For example, easily integrate tools, test equipment, scanners, printers or sensors.

To achieve paperless manufacturing simply network your ERP or MES with Pivotware. Individual Pivotware stations can be easily networked for better line balancing or integrated rework.

They trust us

Desoutter's CVIR and CVI3 controllers have inbuilt error prevention measures, such as re-hit and seating point detection. This makes it easy to eliminate human error during assembly and improves the quality of tightening

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