Desoutter Advanced Drilling Units

May 24, 2021

Desoutter Industrial Tools is proud to announce the successful commissioning of SETI-TEC Line Advanced Drilling Units at the assembly station of Irkut, the new Russian short- to medium-range MC-21 passenger jet airliner.

SETI-TEC Line Advanced Drilling Units are designed for high-precision drilling of composite materials such as Titanium / PCM / Aluminum in automatic mode. This solution enhances the quality of drilling and increases workplace productivity. The automatic cycle eliminates the need for direct operator involvement, reducing the risk of defective joints.

SETI-TEC Line ADUs are a universal tool for precision drilling in various materials, offering customization options for spindle speed, feed rate, and more. Their small size and low weight ensure operator comfort and prevent fatigue during shifts.

These ADUs are crucial for the precision drilling of the center wing section and outer wing junction, key components of the MC-21 airliner.

According to Georgy Polyakov, Deputy Head of the assembly factory of Irkut Corporation, "Desoutter Industrial Tools were selected as the only tool meeting all the requirements for assembly tools and capable of delivering predictable results."

"We are proud that Desoutter Industrial tools are in operation to create a new Russian airliner and look forward to the further development of the aerospace industry in Russia," says Ivo Maltir, Vice President of Desoutter Industrial Tools.

About MC-21

MC-21 is an advanced Russian short- to medium-range passenger jet airliner, developed by Irkut Corporation in cooperation with the Yakovlev Design Bureau. It seats up to 211 passengers and features advanced composite materials, exceeding the reliability of conventional counterparts made of metal alloys by 20-30%.

High-aspect-ratio wings made of polymer composite materials allow MC-21 for higher aerodynamic efficiency and reduced fuel consumption.

Assembly of the wings is done by the new "AeroComposit-Ulyanovsk" plant, utilizing a unique assembly line for automatic layout, ultrasound quality control, and machining of wing panels.

About Desoutter

Desoutter is a global manufacturer of air and electric power tools, known for the highest quality and maximum reliability. Desoutter Tools cover a wide range of manufacturing and assembly processes in the automotive, aerospace, and general industry.

The innovative culture of Desoutter, coupled with quality and experience in customized solutions, allows for the most advanced production systems.